MICHEL SIMARD LIMITED has enjoyed over 75 years of success and as we move into a new era of international business norms, we are looking back, taking stock and planning for the future.


Looking back, HENRI SIMARD established a company whose main objective was to supply the footwear industry with a choice of finishes. Good products, solid work ethics, and strong business relationships shaped the fundamental beginnings of his longstanding Company.


As industry changed, so did the objectives and eventually the leadership of the Company. After the death of Henri, his son Michel focused on providing a full range of machinery and parts for the footwear and leather goods industries. The Company was quick to sell at a national level and customer service became an important component of the Organization. The Company's infrastructure continued to mature with a broadened national customer base, solid business connections and dependable customer service.


In looking to the future SIMARD has diversified into many dynamic industries including automotive, mattress, gasket, apparel, rubber and foam converting while expanding their leather goods consumer base. Preserving the quality of longstanding customer and supplier relations continues to be important to the success of the Company. New and used equipment plus a large Parts Inventory as well as a skilled, bilingual sales and technical force realizes the future of the Company.


Establishing an international customer base, sourcing innovative and excellent product lines such as computerized dieless cutting systems as well as computerized sewing equipment moves SIMARD to the forefront of new technology. New and used equipment plus a large Parts Inventory as well as a skilled, bilingual Sales and Technical team has advanced SIMARD into the "new business-world normal".


Over the years SIMARD has created its business philosophy through collective and individual actions. Under the leaderships of both Henri and Michel an unspoken business philosophy has evolved.