Belts and Leather Manufacturing





Directron BS2000 Buckle Sewer


Both full and half buckles can be quickly attached by non-specialised personnel.


On subsequent stitch rows the needle is absolutely guaranteed to re-enter previous stitch holes.


The sewing will be in a perfect straight line close up to the buckle or loop.


Sewing over the edges of the belt to prevent yawning is selectable.


The surface of the leather will be unmarked.


Changing the width of the belt and different stitch sizes is achieved at the press of a button.


Patented parallel pressure transfer clamp feed system. 



OMAC 991n Belt Dyeing Machine


The belt dyeing machine Mod. 991 N produced by OMAC can be easily employed by the manufacturers of belts, bags, suitcases and other leather goods.


It is made of first quality materials and employs an advanced technology; besides a very high reliability, it is characterized by a great productivity and working noiselessness. The product is conveyed and simultaneously dyed on both sides; the machine is equipped with a regulator allowing the timing of the introduced material, from a minimum of 10mm up to a maximum of 80mm width.


Ornamental colourings can be carried out simply changing the rollers. This machine can be supplied with or without support



Mod 850



The OMAC machine 850 is used in belt productions and leather works to brush and polish belts, straps, width till 100mm where is necessary to have shinny finish. The machine is very versatile, its use is easy, and when necessary it is possible to use independently 2 or 4 brushes to wax. It is simple to interchange and replace the brushes cloth, cust, mixed cloth, leather. The brushes are operated with 4 independent motors, two by two, by an electronic system that also regulates the speed (0 to 4500).

The aspirating system has a high capacity and there is one for each brush. The main characteristics that make the machine convenient and practical are stated here below:
* The speed control for material transport is electronically controlled.
* Regulation width of belts by only one hand crank
* Best use of brushes because it is possible to approach or to remove them singularly.
*Vertical regulation of brushes for a better and longer use.

OPTIONAL: Tip brushing device with aspirator (SP 100).




Mod 730




The 730 is a modern machine projected for leather good, particularly for cut and punch belts, stamps etc.

The machine 730 has been made with a new technological system with a complete independent and rational hydraulic group, controlled electronically by microprocessor and it’s provided also with electronic pick-counter.
Adjustable working plane from 15mm to 80mm.

Furthermore, we are able to obtain various shapes of cut of the tip and end belts a simple replacement of the socket punch.

On request it’s possible to supply with a lighting system e/o with a lateral support for material.

On request it’s possible to have different voltage.




Mod 740




The machine is used in leather sectors, particularly in belt productions to make tips, holes and ends of belts and, at the same time, to stamp number.

Technologically innovative with total control by micro-processor:
* it is equipped with two heads, operated by independent hydraulic system synchronized (maximum open field 1450mm) it is possible to shift them together right or left side by electric synchronized system;
* it is equipped with the infrared beam-electronic active barriers for the instant locking with total perimeter protection;
* sure control with two push-buttons with synchro-time regulator as CEE specifications-equipped with electronic push-counter;
* equipped with a stamping numbering pneumatic machine, with 6 disks+2 stamps holder+1 disk measure, with heat and time regulation.


N.B. The stamp is made on the beside of belts. The machine is versatile and works with: one head, two heads, with or without the numbering. It is equipped with an air-gun for cleaning.




Mod 993



The stamping machine Mod. 993 SYNCRO T4 has been manufactured for marking and stamping extremely different materials even coloured ribbons. The heat is regulated by an electronic thermo regulator from 0 to 300° C. The machine is CE certified so is furnished with all characteristics of actual rules. The materials used are of high quality, sturdiness and reliable.

- Pneumatic automatic stamping machine with the table comes automatically out, timer from 1 to 10 seconds.
- 4 cliché group with manual turning support.




BANF P2C Hydraulic press



1) Its perect structures.
2) Its semplicity which will require no upkeep in future.
3) Its high approaching and opening speed.
4) Its perfectly noiseless working.
5) Running working plane to permit and see the work.
6) N.1 heating plane.


Technical Data

PLANES OF: mm 1500x200
POWER: t 90
WEIGHT: Kg 1610
MEASURES: cm 120x185x195



L Series


The models C are suitable for cutting conveyor belts, flat belts, etc. from closed ring materials. This is possible because there is a space obtained under the head of the machine where the material can slide.

Thanks to their particular structure, having a space between the head and the base is possible to make multiple cuts till the max width of the machine from pre-gluing or vulcanized rings. All the machines are due of an electronic inverter given the possibility to choice the speed directly to the worker.

The lowering between the knife and the counter knife lets the introducing of the material for cutting it.

The models of this strap cutting machine are:

300/C - for material max. thickness of 5 mm, useful clearance 300mm

650/C - for material with max. thickness of 12 mm, useful clearance 650 mm

900/C - for material with max. thickness of 12 mm, useful clearance 900 mm

1200/C - for material with max. thickness of 12 mm, useful clearance 1200 mm