Travelling head press NEW
Photo of Travelling head press NEW 30 ton , 30" X 79" bed 30" X 30" head
MS-20 C
Photo of MS-20 C   New swing arm die cutting press, beam 14", cutting table 18 X 36", cutting power 20 tons, 220V 3PH.
Global WF205 New
Photo of Global WF205 New Heavy walking foot with 110 volt servo
Global patcher NEW
Photo of Global patcher NEW 110 volt servo with space saver stand
Durkopp Adler 969 NEW
Photo of Durkopp Adler 969 NEW With fold out of the way table top.
New Travelling head press
Photo of New Travelling head press 25 ton , 20" X 64" bed and 20" X 20" head
12 ton mini clicker NEW
Photo of 12 ton mini clicker NEW 220 volt 1 phase and 13" wide head , 16" X 30" bed.
Hand held round knife
Photo of Hand held round knife New 110 volt