CNC Dieless Cutting Machines





CZ / M

CZ / L



With a veriety of cutting widths, it can process entire hides or half hides of young cows enabling complete positioning even in one step.


This characteristic, facilitates and speeds up the work of the nesting operator with a consequent increase in production.


CZ / M cutting width = 1600mm

CZ / L cutting width = 2000mm

CZ / XL cutting width = 2400mm




CZ / P


With the flexibility typical of cnc knife cutting machines, CZ/P recreates the same optimal working conditions of swing arm clicking presses.


In the CZ/P, the work area is compact and ergonomic (1300 x 650 mm) and it is served by a cutting head mounted on a telescopic swing arm with axial rotation.


This structure which was indeed inspired by swing arm clicking presses allows a complete accessibility of the work area that is unobstructed on the front and sides and has a rear pocket to accommodate the leather.


The optional conveyor belt helps the movement of the material allowing an excellent flow of the work cycle.