Converting Machines





Model 1


This machine features high performance mechanical characteristics and can be employed in all fields requiring the cutting of strips of materials in sheets, plates and rolls, such as leather, rubber and foam.

Solidly built and designed for extreme reliability, this machine is indispensable equipment for any factory cutting department, and is especially useful in the conveyor belts and rubber sector in general.

The Mod.1 is produced in 2 main versions:

- With a cutting system using a blade and counter-blade, well suited for leather, fibre cartons, Texon, asbestos-free materials, etc.

- With a cutting system using a Ø 160x70x2 mm counter-blade on a nylon roller, well suited for rubber, micro porous materials, foam materials. The maximum cutting thickness is 38 mm (depending on the type of material).

The Mod.1 can also be fitted with an adjustable electronic speed device which, as required, can be accessorized with winder units for collecting the cut strips of material.



Mod. K1


This “basic” calander is to laminate self-adhesive paper with foam or other materials: it can process sponge or foam logs combining them with self-adhesive film.

Complete of:
- Adjustable speed from 0 up to 20 M/min max.
- Entry table with guides.
- Adjustable distance between rollers.
- Roll holder for film transfer with electro-magnetic brakes.
- Winder with electronic clutch, complete of fast disconnection supports, Ø75mm. Expanding shaft.
- Roll holder for adhesive film max. Ø 500 mm. with expansion shaft and fast disconnection supports with electro-magnetic brake.
- Exit table (optional).
- Winder for syliconated paper (optional).




Mod. 558


The Mod. 558 features advanced technology content, part of Imesas evolved and versatile range of LOG SLITTERS.

The Mod. 558 allows indistinctly to cut: synthetic materials, coated materials, textiles, coated, rubbered and adhesivized fabrics and self-adhesive materials, Non-wovens and technical materials, rubber, rubber sheets, foam rubber and similars, films in PVC-PP-PE, graphite, cork and so on.


This machine has been developed to reduce manual adjustment by the operator by using electronic devices.

The software is extremely flexible, and very user friendly immediately allowing a considerable saving in set up time and material utilisation.