Cutting Press Equipment





S Series Swing Arm


Swing arm presses ATOM S series are fitted for many application fields: from footwear to leather goods up to tech textile and gaskets on a wide range of materials.


They have been the most used models for more than 50 years and are available in 18 different configurations depending on cutting power, working surface sizes, length of the swing arm. They are divided in 2 families, SE and S. The SE model has two control push buttons and one potentiometer for setting the cutting power.


The S model adjusts the cutting power by means of a three position selector. Both models are available in CE or Extra CE version.



SP/HSP Movable Trolley Press


The working flexibility makes this series ideal for any kind of material and application. Leather, sheets and synthetic rolls. Thanks to the ample working surface it is possible to cut large leathers and synthetic materials up to 2000 mm wide.


Material loading can be done manually from the front or from rear side of the machine by means of motorized material feeders driven by pedal commands available on demand. For a quicker working cycle, together with the feeder, as option it is possible to connect suitable 4,8,12-seat roll-holders.


Low energy consumption. The safety of the operator is ensured by push-button controls. Higher daylight and stroke on the HSP models.



S3/S6 Beam Press


With the moveable beam of the S 3.. series or the sliding tray of the S 6.. series, a cutting power range varying from 25 up to 150 Tons, these are the basic equipments for industrial cutting at low cost.


A wide range of uses: from the cutting of components for car industry, up to gaskets, filters, packing, abrasives, foam rubber, soundproofing materials, toys, leather goods, etc.


Efficiency and reliability guaranteed by the ATOM trade mark.



ATF x 2 double roll feeder


Besides the typical functions of a roller feeder, with this configuration there is the additional advantage of “pulling” the die-cut material in step with the push of the rear roller.


The front feeder may even be held open during the automatic cycle, if required. The opening and closing of the upper roller is achieved using two pneumatic cylinders ,which ensure an easy control, even from the operating station, and also improve the material grip.


An adjustable mechanical end stop prevents the excessive pressure, and the risk of damaging the material itself.




Frame made of high quality steel (designation S355J2G3 SBM) in agreement to EN 10025+A1 to elevated electro welded resistance. In particular the cutting plate undergoes a “thermal distension” affording a better structural stability and machinability.

The structure is composed by a basement to which all the cutting belt movement devices are applied, along with the mobile and fix pincers clamping device.
A “portal” beam is constrained to the basement which handles the cylinder/s and all the mechanic components that synchronizes the cylinders themselves.


This is a solution possible for nominal powers between 200 and 400 t. (2158 and 4315 KN) and a maximum working area of 2200 x 1800 mm.