Ergonomic Equipment





KES 2000 Series


KES 2000 is the top series from KESSLER with an extremely large height adjustment range –today's maximum modularity for individual system-workstations.


The proven electromotor-operated height adjustment via pushbutton, the inclinable tabletop, the ultra-sturdy construction and a large number of sophisticated additional features make KES 2000 the ideal workstation, whether you're seated or standing.


KES 2000 enables a perfectly ergonomical working position, whatever your body size or workstyle. The series is also available as an angled table or a table set, in L and U shapes.


Allround versatility is further enhanced by a comprehensive, modular accessories package.




C982F-TA Chair


Standard features

Pneumatic seat height adjustment.

Sturdy five leg, glass reinforced, nylon base (black)

2" high-density foam seat, 20"w x 18 1/2" d.

Manual vertical back adjustment with built in lumbar support (900 series only).




Ergo buddy EBS1-SP Pedal


A trusted, proven, reliable, and medically endorsed ergonomic solution for stand-up sewing operations.

Greatly promotes human performance efficiency in a sewing operation.
Designed to reduce stress of standing by 50%.

Alternating legs to sew promotes a healthy rhythmic posture, proper circulation, comfort, and necessary relief from fatigue and strain on muscles, joints, tendons and the lower back region.

Pedals allow sewing operators multiple combinations in stance and posture further enhancing their freedom of movement, balance and body positioning in relation to the sewing machine.

Reduces the effort, fatigue level, movement and workload.
Therapeutic base includes closed cell form w/compression deflection and shock attenuation properties.

Compatible with sewing machines of all makes and models (including clutch machines).