Mattress Manufacturing






Electronic Drive Tape Edge Workstation

• Singer 300UX6 sewing head, standard replacement parts in stock
• 4" to 22" beds sewn with ease
• Power table lift & sewing head tilt
• Feather touch solid-state knee control
• Electronic braking, no maintenance
• Auto slow-down at corners tamper proof
• Push button carriage release built into handle
• Shock absorber for smooth corner transition
• Table travel 25" to 38", gives operator comfortable table height
• Stainless steel queen-size table top
• Stainless steel end cover on sewing head base
• Under table wiring meets UL standards
• Rugged steel frame & heavy-duty center column
• Standard block binders for woven tape in stock
• Custom binders available, 5-7 days





GoldenEagle™ 360° Digital-Controlled Chainstitch Quilting Machine
Pattern "N" Pattern™ Technology


• Create new patterns in-plant
• Mattress & border can now have the same pattern
• Pattern storage (limited only by hard drive space)
• Synchronized carriage and needle positioning for optimal stitching and pattern integrity
• Fast transfer between patterns
• Quilter pre-programmed with all standard class 1-4 patterns
• Class 5 patterns, Pattern "N" Pattern™
• Pre-programmed with customer's patterns (optional)
• Batch mode software (optional)
• Auto scheduling coming soon
• State-of-the-art computer with color touch screen and networking capability with password protection
• Windows based XP operating system
• Computer, touch screen and operating system are standard off-shelf items
• Computer records shift output, total output, number of patterns sewn, run time, thread breaks, etc.
• Continuous synchronized motion of all x-y-z axis for reliable and smooth operation
• Powerful direct drive servo motors for maximum ramp-up/ramp-down & accurate positioning
• Presser foot has infinite range from high to low, adjustments may be made while quilter is operating


Auto-Pac™ Automatic Mattress Packaging

• Splice film with NO WASTE!
• Easy replacement of non-stick tape
• Upper and lower boot film holder

Unconditionally Warranted!
Parts & Labor for Two Full Years . . .
Includes expendable non-stick sealing bar tape




Walking Foot/Needle Feed Mattress Bucket Building Workstation


• De-skills operation

• Moves some tape edge operations to the sewing room, requiring only one true tape edge operation (contact sales for details)

• For flip and no-flip mattress construction as well as zipper beds

• Singer 300UX6 heavy-duty sewing head

• Walking foot/needle feed system produces a panel with no unsightly puckers or gathers

• Electronic motor with needle positioner & sewing footlift

• Electronic speed control

• No mechanical clutch

• Euro-tops may be tape edged on this low-cost workstation, doubling the output of the conventional tape edge machine

• Pneumatic retractable binder



Multi-Purpose Ruffler Workstation


• Pillow-top Gusset Ruffler

• Euro-top Ruffler

• Continental Foundation Ruffler

• Bottom Capping Ruffler Accomplish all of the above by simple material guide change.

• High-speed needle feed heavy-duty sewing machine

• Stepping motor drive puller

• Electronic sewing motor

• Electonic speed control

• Needle positioner - no synchronizer

• Pneumatic footlift

• Auto stop at corner

• Adjustable folder for symmetrical and offset gusset

• Gusset may be pre-flanged



Spring Unbaler

Unbale compressed spring units


• Heavy duty 3" Lead Screws with reinforced brass guides

• 2 hand external operating control panel

• Vinyl guards for additional safety protection

• Guide poles to keep spring blocks in position

• Simple to operate and easy to maintain