Our Core Values


At Michel Simard Limited, we are dedicated to the highest standard of quality, service and performance. We consider ourselves the best supplier for our customers and the preferred representative for world-class manufacturers of machinery. Certain shared values are at the core of our company's beliefs and through these shared values we will pursue our mission. The following outlines some of these shared values:


Dedicated to our customers
Our customers are our best and most valued asset. We strive for customer satisfaction and long-term customer associations.


Excellent Products
Our suppliers are world-class manufacturers of machinery. We deliver and service the best machinery and materials to our customers for exceptional value.

Dependable, Reliable, Responsible
Our company's cornerstone is sealed with these superior qualities. We are proud of over 75 years of success and that our solid business approach results in ongoing customer relationships.

Innovative Approaches
Our unparalleled capabilities and technical expertise are creatively applied. We encourage innovative ideas by challenging our current thinking and abilities.

Customer Service Driven
Our customers inform us of their changing needs in technology. We strive to understand, provide information and advice, and ultimately meet their expectations.

Accountable and Fair
Integrity governs all of our conduct. It demands that we are fair and accountable with our customers, our suppliers and ourselves. We expect the same from others. We each accept responsibility for our mistakes and give credit to others for their own accomplishments.

Total Quality
Our objective is excellence. We demand excellence of ourselves and seek it from others. We achieve total quality through continuous improvements and adaptations.

Exceptional Performance
Our achievements are our success. We pursue exceptional performance throughout all of our efforts, great or small.

Dedicated to our work
Our employee team is the foundation of our company. We are committed to our work and our greatest achievements are the result of our work together. We are committed to each other through trust and respect.